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« Blue Bloods Hold Outs (HD, TV-14) Erin takes control of a homicide case when it results in a hung jury, and she turns to a DA investigator for help in locating a witness.
Blue Bloods Lonely Hearts Club (HD, TV-14) Jackie goes undercover as an escort to try and catch a serial killer who murders prostitutes in hotel rooms; Erin finds a potential suitor at an art gallery.
Leverage The Beantown Bailout Job (HD, TV-PG) Despite hoping to move on with his life, Nate reluctantly becomes involved with the team again after witnessing the attempted murder of a whistleblower.
The Insider (HD, New, TV-PG) Actors Will Smith and Helen Mirren discuss their film "Collateral Beauty"; actress Jennifer Aniston talks about "Office Christmas Party."

The Phil Silvers Show The Colonel Breaks Par (TV-G) Bilko decides to rid himself of the colonel's nagging presence by sending him to a golfing competition being held in Palm Springs.
The Phil Silvers Show Show Segments (TV-G) The cast gathers at Lindy's on Broadway before attending a rehearsal session where they are joined by Ed Sullivan to watch unaired scenes.
The Phil Silvers Show His Highness, Doberman (TV-G) Doberman's plans to marry a rich man's daughter are thwarted by her parents when they discover his military rank isn't quite up to their standards
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko's Boys Town (TV-G) Bilko devises a money-making scheme when Colonel Hall restricts him to the base when the other soldiers visit Las Vegas while working in the desert.
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko's Valentine (TV-G) Joan decides to abandon the army after Bilko fails to acknowledge Valentine's Day, prompting him to hatch a scheme to get her to reenlist.
The Phil Silvers Show The Big Man Hunt (TV-G) Bilko assumes that the two men looking for him are intending to harm him, but their true purpose is to contact a soldier who rescued their employer in a war.
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