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CBS This Morning (HD, New, TV-G) Baseball commissioner Bud Selig speaks with anchor Charlie Rose; television personality Regis Philbin, guest host of "The Late Late Show."
The Queen Latifah Show TV dad Bob Saget shares an emotional connection with Queen (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Actor Bob Saget of "Full House" fame discusses his new book, "Dirty Daddy"; actor Harry Lennix from "The Blacklist"; Queen shares some Thanksgiving side dishes.
Get Smart The Greatest Spy on Earth (TV-G) Suspecting that a KAOS spy ring is operating at a circus, Smart and 99 go undercover at the big top.
Get Smart Island of the Darned (TV-G) Smart and 99 must fight for their lives when they are stranded on a KAOS-controlled island.
Get Smart Bronzefinger (TV-G) Smart takes a crash course in painting in order to capture an elusive art thief.
Get Smart Perils in a Pet Shop (TV-G) After trailing a KAOS agent to a pet shop, Smart and 99 discover that parrots are being used to smuggle critical intelligence out of the country.
Get Smart The Whole Tooth and... (TV-G) Smart must hide the secret plans to a nuclear reactor when he runs into some KAOS agents, forcing him to go to prison in order to get them back.
Get Smart Kiss of Death (TV-G) A female KAOS agent pretends to be madly in love with Smart in order to get close enough to kill him.
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